Ecoflex is the ultimate hard floor cleaning solution.T his innovative technology is exclusive to Nilfsik and available on many of their scrubbers and scrubber/sweeper combos. The state of the art technology behind Ecoflex allows the user to alter the chemical flow to suit their needs and effortlessly switch between different cleaning intensities at the touch of a button.


Cleaning modes and intensities include:
Low-Flow water-
 Eco solution mode reduces water consumption by as much as 70 percent.
Chemical free - Water only cleaning ideal for up kept surfaces with minimal soiling, Eco-friendly and economical cutting down on detergent costs.
Ultra low chemical- Low Chemical to water ratio ideal for surfaces with moderate traffic and standard soiling.
Standard detergent ratios- Chemicals mixed according to product guidelines ideal for high traffic areas with moderately soiled surfaces.
Full strength chemical cleaning burst-  Prefect for difficult patches and surfaces and high-intensity increase in brush pressure, solution flow and detergent strength for 60 seconds.

These eco flex options are all in one machine and at the touch of your fingers. The ability to alter the amount of chemical used when cleaning hard floors results in one of the greenest and most cost-effective cleaning solutions available. Different areas, floor types, and facilities need different cleaning and with the ability to easily select the right blend of brush pressure, water and detergent, you can tackle any cleaning challenge effortlessly. The highly user-friendly control allows you to add that extra muscle for heavily soiled surfaces, floor tiles, concrete or epoxy floors.

Ecoflex machines are not only green and cost-effective they are easy to use with no premixing of chemicals needed it is as simple as fill and go. The adjustments of detergent to suit the floor type enables the perfect amount of detergent every time. Green cleaning is good for business and the environment, the use of custom detergent ratios significantly reduces waste and prevents overuse of chemicals when unnecessary. The Ecoflex was designed with professionals in mind, a routine can be developed that works for you and quickly adjust to whatever the job demands. Be prepared to get more out of your budget, clean with less impact to the environment and maintain clean, shiny floors when you do.

Use of the '60 second burst mode' allows a heavy-duty cleaning option when you come across unexpected mess.For 60 seconds the machine will increase the brush pressure, water and detergent after which the settings will return back to their previous green cleaning, however, if the mess if cleaned before the 60 seconds merely press the boost button again and return to your previous settings.

Nilfisks Ecoflex cleans using normal tap water, there is no need to buy expensive, gimmicky,electrically-activated water. The combination of tap water, environment appropriate chemicals and the correct setting enables as good a clean as any. The use of plain tap water in Ecoflex machines means that they can be used anywhere without the complicated fuss of additional chemicals and steps.T he Ecoflex system is simple, green and cost-effective whilst providing a professional clean that will exceed expectations 

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