3000Psi @ 15 lpm, Diesel Mine spec Pressure Cleaner built for Thiess Pty Ltd

This project was a custom-built unit specifically built for Thiess Pty Ltd for use at BHP Mount Arthur and to be compliant with Mt Arthur’s stringent requirements for pressure cleaners on site.

The unit is powered by a genuine 10Hp Yanmar diesel engine matched to a low speed premium series Comet pump with a performance of 3000Psi at 15 lpm. The 1440 RPM run speed at the pump is accomplished by driving the pump through a 2:1 reduction gearbox.

The Yanmar engine features electronic push button start with key shutdown achieved by running a Deep-Sea Engine Controller mounted to a stainless-steel control box with emergency stop and four poly lockable battery isolator. The engine also has oil pressure and charge failure protection fitted to the controller.
A spark arrester was fitted to the exhaust of the engine and long range 20L Stainless Steel fuel tank was fitted to the frame along with fuel priming pumps and filters.

The pump has a soft unloader that does not hold pressure in the lines and as per site regulations over pressure safety device with test certificate is fitted to the high-pressure side of the pump.
The pump is protected by a large 1” disc filter which will filter the water down to 100 Micron. There is also enough water in the filter to act as a cooling bypass, which will not let the pump overheat.

The pump and motor are mounted in an Australian galvanized four-wheel roll frame with large 13” pneumatic wheels, lifting hooks and lance rack incorporated into the design. The frame also allows for the unit to have the wheel removed and the be bolted down to a ute or truck.
The engine is mounted to a anti vibration plate that protects the machine from excessive vibrations from the Yanmar engine.

A 60m ‘A’ Frame hose reel was bolted to the top of the frame with 20m of two wire high pressure hose. The hose was tested as per regulations for pressure cleaner hoses.
The HCE exclusive Vega dual action trigger was fitted to a 1200mm Stainless Steel lance with a fixed 15 deg nozzle.

 Specs at a glance:

  • 3000 Psi @ 15lpm pump performance
  • Genuine Yanmar L100 Diesel Engine
  • Gearbox driven Comet Pump
  • Soft unloader with over pressure safety valve
  • 1” Inlet Disc Filtration
  • Stainless Steel Control Box:
    • Deep Sea Controller
    • Emergency Stop
    • Four Pole Battery Isolator
  • Galvanized roll frame with lifting hooks
  • Stainless Steel 20L fuel tank
  • 60m ‘A’ frame hose reel with 20m hose

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