Ecoflex is the ultimate hard floor cleaning solution.T his innovative technology is exclusive to Nilfsik and available on many of their scrubbers and scrubber/sweeper combos. The state of the art technology behind Ecoflex allows the user to alter the chemical...

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What is EWP?

Effective Working Pressure or EWP, is a term used to mislead and confuse people into what they are buying. In the Australian market, there are some people that will use the term EWP to create the impression that a pump...

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Flow verse Pressure

You will see it everywhere, from hardware stores to automotive shops, high-pressure cleaners advertising that you need higher pressures to clean better, which is in fact not quite true. A machine with 2000 Psi and 15L/min will clean faster &...

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Which Machine is for Me?

When I get someone come in and tell me they want to buy a Pressure Cleaner I always ask five questions: How often will you use it? What will you be cleaning? Where will you use it? Electric, Petrol or...

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